BLUE star Antony Costa found even his pop star status couldn't help him, when bouncers refused to let him jump the queue to get into London nightclub Chinawhite.

The ALL RISE singer - who recently dumped his pregnant fiancee LUCY BOLSTER by phone - was repeatedly refused access to the trendy nightspot on Wednesday night (17DEC03) by stern security guards, who hadn't recognised him.

A source says, "He was on the guest list. But everyone says that.

"It was 2am and hordes of people were trying to get in. The bouncers didn't know who it was at first, but Antony, who was with a group of mates and his dad, was quite cool about it.

"But even when they realised who he was, they still wouldn't let him in straightaway. He got a fair amount of hassle from fans and it was very very cold."

Once inside, however, Antony soon forgot his expectant ex - by hooking up with glamour model JORDAN.

The source continues, "They left together at the end."

19/12/2003 13:05