Boxer ANTONIO TARVER isn't planning to pull any punches when he takes on fictional fighter ROCKY BALBOA in ROCKY VI - because director Sylvester Stallone wants the bouts to be the film world's most authentic.

Using Russell Crowe's fight scenes in Cinderella Man and Robert De Niro's Raging Bull brawls, Stallone intends to "really fight" in the movie's bouts.

Tarver tells website, "We've been working a lot of long hours and I think the people are going to be surprised at how real this is.

"People won't know the difference between a fight with me and ROY JONES JR and a fight with me and Rocky Balboa. The contact, the intensity, this is what's going to sell this movie.

"When they say, 'Lights, camera, action,' this is going be a real fight."