He passed away on Saturday (24Dec16) in Madrid, Spain.

Parrondo began his career working on 1939's Los cuatro Robinsones (The Four Robinsons), working alongside set decorator Sigfrido Burmann, kickstarting their 10-year working relationship.

He established himself as an art director on 1951's Dia tras Dia (Day After Day), before moving on to head up set decoration on Orson Welles' Confidential Report in 1955.

He took on an apprenticeship, through which he landed experience working on big budget movies like Stanley Kramer's The Pride and the Passion, and David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago.

Parrondo's other film credits include Richard Lester's Robin and Marian, Cuba, and The Return of the Musketeers, but it was his work on Franklin J. Schaffner's Patton, a biopic about controversial World War II hero General George S. Patton, in 1970 which earned him his first Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration.

He struck gold again with Nicholas and Alexandra, also directed by Schaffner, in 1972, while he was nominated for a third Academy Award in 1973 for George Cukor's Travels with My Aunt.

Parrondo had been working on 33 Days, Antonio Banderas' upcoming Picasso biopic, in the days leading up to his passing.