Antonio Banderas wowed medical consultants on the set of his new movie The Skin I Live In - because he has the hands of a master surgeon.
The Spanish star plays an obsessed plastic surgeon developing a man-made skin in the new Pedro Almodovar movie, and the experts hired to make sure he looked the part were amazed by his deft touch and steady hands.
He tells WENN, "We had advisors and doctors teaching us before and during the time we were shooting just in case we were missing something. They knew exactly how to proceed.
"I don't like to make judgements about my own work but I have to recognise that I have good hands. I could've been a surgeon. That's what the doctors and the advisors that we had around said to me, so I have to believe them. I couldn't be a surgeon in real life because the responsibility of having someone's life in your hands scares me. I have a profound and deep admiration for people who are in that line of work, especially surgeons who can open your body."