Actor Antonio Banderas will make his return to the Broadway stage to star in the musical version of the 1995 Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp film DON JUAN DeMARCO. The Spanish movie hunk, who wowed theatre critics and audiences alike with his starring role in NINE, will play Depp's role in the New York stage version of the story about a psychiatric patient who believes he is LORD BYRON's classic ladies man. The MASK OF ZORRO star claims the show will debut next year (07) in a production helmed by DAVID LEVEAUX, who also directed the actor in Nine. MARK S KAUFMAN, executive vice president of production and theater at New Line Cinema explains that next year may be a little soon, adding, "I don't think it can be put together that quickly. "We're going to get it right, and then we're going to do it."