Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is annoyed that Britain's David Beckham is playing football for REAL MADRID - because he feels the team should be made up of more Spaniards.

The Once Upon A Time In Mexico actor, who is married to Hollywood star Melanie Griffith, was a promising footballer until a serious injury turned his career aspirations to the silver screen.

And Banderas admits he's annoyed the former MANCHESTER UNITED star is now Real Madrid's star singing. The team also has high-profile players from Brazil, Portugal and France.

Antonio says, "Because I was a forward for many years - I played in the Spanish league and in international tournaments until I fractured my left foot - I like it when more than half the players the team puts out are Spaniards.

"At the moment, it's like an international side. I see it as more of a financial and marketing operation on a global scale."

07/10/2003 13:24