Movie star Antonio Banderas turned scorpion king on the set of sequel The Legend of Zorro in Mexico - to show his kids the stingers were nothing to be afraid of.

The Spanish actor admits even he was terrified when he first arrived on the set because there were scorpions everywhere, but by the time his kids came to visit he was leading late-night safaris just to track and kill the creatures.

He says, "I used to just run from them and now I kill them with my hand.

"There was so many that when the kids came down there... we used to do safaris at night - just to kill the fear they had for scorpions. We used to kill 10, 12 scorpions every night.

"I remember one day that my daughter was looking in the wall behind her and she saw a little hole and I was looking through the hole and there were a bunch of scorpions there."