Antonio Banderas has grown tired of playing the ''sexy boy'' in his movies.

The 57-year-old actor stars as Pablo Picasso in the new TV series 'Genius: Picasso', and Banderas has revealed he didn't hesitate to accept the role because he'd grown weary of playing so many similar parts during his time in Hollywood.

Reflecting on the experience of playing the Spanish painter, he confessed: ''I found incredible liberation in that because you escape from certain labels that people put you in - you know, the Latin lover or other thing, you know, is fine for a while and it's fun for a while.

''But I'm 57. I don't want to be the sexy boy my whole life, because that would be pathetic.''

Despite what he's already achieved during his career, Banderas still has a number of ambitions he'd like to accomplish before he quits acting.

The Spanish star - whose 19-year marriage to actress Melanie Griffith ended in 2015 - revealed he would like to direct again, while he's also started studying fashion design in recent years.

Speaking to CBS, he shared: ''I do a lot of things. There's only one life, you have to do it. And there is time. Absolutely, there is time for everything.''

Banderas has also claimed that in spite of his success, he's always keen to learn new things and he doesn't yet consider himself to be a ''master'' of anything.

He explained to the Guardian newspaper: ''I have been a student my whole life, I don't stop studying and I'm going to continue. I don't consider myself a master of anything.''