Antonio Banderas thinks it was inevitable he would work with Pedro Almodovar again.

The Spanish actor worked with the director on several films in the 80s and says when his fellow countryman showed him The Script for new movie 'The Skin I Live In', he knew the time was right for them to collaborate once more.

He said: "It had to happen. I knew it had to happen at a certain point. He's a big sun and I was a planet going around and suddenly I was caught by the gravity of this sun! And I ended up here!

"I loved the script. The narrative was not what I was expecting, he surprised me there. It was non-linear, told pretty much in flashback. And it produced an interesting game of moralities."

Antonio also says he's glad Pedro hasn't moved to the US to work, because he doesn't think he'd be as effective in his moviemaking..

He told Empire magazine: "They tried to bring him there. I think he very, very smartly realised that he was going to have a bolt in his neck. And he needs total freedom - total. Not even opinions. He's the leader of every department."