Antonio Banderas thinks Humpty Alexander Dumpty is like his childhood friends.

The Spanish actor reprises the titular role in 'Shrek' spin-off movie 'Puss in Boots' - in which the swashbuckling feline reunites with his childhood friend, a talking egg, only to find their relationship isn't what it seems - and believes the animated film has "interesting messages".

He said: "It has interesting messages in the movie about Friendship and betrayal and forgiveness. And bad influences too.

"I actually loved the egg. We've been doing this tour around the world and I started the tour hating him and now I'm kind of liking him the rotten egg, I think I had friends like him when I was a kid, guys who were very brilliant, and inventors and creative, shining minds but some accidents happen in their lives, personal things, psychological stuff, jealousy maybe. And they get left behind, you go back and think, 'That guy was so good when he was 10 years old'. And that's what happened to the egg - I love that guy."

Antonio stars in the film with Salma Hyek, who voices Kitty Softpaws, and she found it easy to get into character because of the preparation she did with director Chris Miller.

She explained to website "It was easy because I had a great director who walked me through it. At the beginning the character was like playdough a little bit, we could get our hands in there and mould it with the director, that got me into it, so by the time we go to the microphone, I felt like a cat."