LATEST: Filmmaker Anton Corbijn is baffled by claims he had a bust up with members of the band New Order over his forthcoming film CONTROL - insisting he's their biggest fan and "wouldn't dare". Control is about JOY DIVISION, from whom New Order were formed when frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980. New Order bassist PETER HOOK recently threatened to pull out of soundtrack commitments for the film, claiming Corbijn was too domineering. He said, "I'm p**sed about the movie right now because Anton Corbijn seems to be getting too much control, precisely. "I would have preferred that he showed more respect for us. We're supposed to (record the film's soundtrack) but the problem is that he's telling us what to do. If we don't tell him how to direct, why is he telling us how to make music?" But Corbijn insists, "There is no argument whatsoever between New Order and myself or Hooky and me. "I am in control of Control as any director worth his celluloid should be in charge of his film, but I am not telling the band that I moved to the UK for in 1979 how to write songs. Please. I wouldn't dare."