Director Antoine Fuqua fought with studio bosses on the set of his latest movie King Arthur, because he wanted to include black knights.

But, even though he was backed by Hollywood mogul JERRY BRUCKEIMER, who handpicked him to work on the epic, Fuqua had to accept defeat.

He says, "Let me tell you something, in my history, in my reserach, I discovered that there were black knights. And I ran into a situation where the studio told me that inclusion was not possible."

Giving in was difficult, but he adds, "When all is done, I have to make a decision about what battles are worth fighting to the death for. Young black people have to see me do well, so that they can never think that they can't do it. So at this point, you have to play the game and try and get the money to make a good movie and win some more Academy Awards."

15/09/2004 17:14