Black movie-maker Antoine Fuqua has blasted OSCAR bosses for failing to recognise his directing talents on Training Day.

The hard-hitting 2001 police drama earned actor Denzel Washington an ACADEMY AWARD for his brutal portrayal of a corrupt cop, but Fuqua is angry Oscar board members ignored his own efforts - and neglected to nominate him in the Best Director category.

He says, "You'd think the movie just directed itself. Nobody sits in the editing room, puts it together. It just comes out, then you put it in the theatres, right?

"Well, ultimately it's glory for us as a film. That's one of the hardest things I have to deal with all the time. That keeps me in focus, because if I blow my cool and I find it depressing, then nobody gets any credit.

"For the future, what is that going to do? Who do I look at? What are the kids going to look up to as an example if I walk away? There's not a whole lot of us out there."

07/09/2004 08:47