Moviemaker Antoine Fuqua presented producers of his new movie SHOOTER with a major logistical headache when he announced he wanted to film on a glacier. The Training Day director insisted on filming in the clouds high above Whistler, British Columbia - and then discovered how difficult that would be. He says, "I kept saying, 'I've gotta shoot on this glacier, I've gotta shoot on this glacier.' It's just so spectacular. When you're there, above the clouds and on top of nothing but ice, it's like being in another world. "Visually for me, I just couldn't see doing it anywhere else. I actually had to get on a helicopter and use the helicopter as a dolly quite a bit to literally move around. It was very challenging to get the helicopter balanced on the ground without hitting the ice. "Also, because of the glacier your perspective can be thrown off. You're up on a white sheet of ice all day and your eyes start to burn and it's hard to keep things in perspective... Storms can come in at any time and you have to watch out for all the crevasses. Safety was our biggest focus. People were always tethered to the glacier." Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (corr) recalls, "Just getting there was incredibly complicated; the choppers can only take five or four people at a time and we had to have 70 or 80 people up there plus a lot of heavy equipment."