Moviemaker Antoine Fuqua was able to give his Olympus Has Fallen leading man Aaron Eckhart tips on how to act out a gunshot wound in the explosive new action film - because he has lived through the pain of a bullet.

The Training Day director was shot when he was 15 years old, and he admits that the near-death incident and other tough moments from his youth have helped to inform scenes in his gritty movies.

He says, "I've been through quite a bit and seen my share of things and buried a lot of friends. When you see those things either good or bad as a director, it's hard to be fanciful especially with a movie that deals with that kind of stuff. Guns are no good and they kill people so there's nothing fancy or beautiful about getting shot. You get shot and you drop and that's the reality of it."

And Eckhart admits he was grateful to have a director who could give him a first-hand account of what it feels like to be shot: "Antoine came up to me and said, 'Aaron, when you get shot, you get real dry in your mouth and you start to hyperventilate.' I said, 'How do you know?' And he pulls up his shirt and says, 'Cause I got shot twice right here!'