Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian was caught up in the panic following the Japanese tsunami, as waves threatened to hit the tropical resort of Hawaii where he was on holiday with his pregnant wife.
The musician recently confirmed he is expecting a baby with his wife Pearl Aday, daughter of veteran rocker Meat Loaf, and the couple embarked on a vacation to Hawaii earlier this month (Mar11) ahead of the impending birth in the summer (11).
But the relaxing trip took a terrifying turn after an earthquake and tidal wave struck Japan on 11 March (11) and a tsunami warning went out to islands across the Pacific, including Hawaii.
In a post on his online blog, Ian writes, "We went on a 'babymoon.' Basically, our last trip just the two of us for a long time. It was a great vacation, super relaxing... and oh yeah, there was a tsunami...
"We were at dinner with friends when one of them got a text saying there was a tsunami warning because of the earthquake in Japan... By the time we left dinner... traffic was insane with people trying to get out of Waikiki and it suddenly hit home that this could be serious."
The couple drove back to their hotel before the wave hit, but panic set in when they saw footage from Japan and realised their resort was set on a coastal road: "We made it back around 12:30 a.m. and turned on the TV and saw the devastation in Japan. Unbelievable... After seeing this, we did start to worry. Would it really be safe here? Are we high enough up (fourth floor)... I called the (reception) desk half a dozen times asking these questions and telling them I had a pregnant wife with me and they reassured me each time that we'd be OK.
"At around 2 a.m. the hotel security announced over the PA that we had to leave our rooms and close our balcony doors and shutters and move into the hallway. We decided to stay in our room. If something was coming, I wanted to see it."
But when the wave finally struck, the damage was minimal and Ian felt like they had a lucky escape. He adds, "There was some damage on the Big Island and some damage to boats in some of the harbours but, all in all, a non-event, especially when compared to Japan. If it was a wave like that, I'd be typing this from my mattress 20 miles out at sea somewhere."
Ian and Aday weren't the only celebrities caught up in the disaster - comedian and U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel was evacuated from his resort in Bora Bora and singer/songwriter Jack Johnson was touring in Japan when the quake and the waves hit.