Anthrax rocker JOEY BELLADONNA has hinted the heavy rockers are on the verge of splitting and cancelling a planned reunion tour.

The band announced last year (04) that former members Belladonna and guitarist Dan Spitz would replace singer John Bush and guitarist Dan Caggiano for the tour.

But Belladonna admits the band's future is in doubt.

He says, "To be honest the future's all a mystery right now and I don't want to add to the confusion.

"There's been no formal discussion of what's next. Everything's just up in the air."

Belladonna also admits he'd feel uncomfortable performing song's from Bush's era in the band if they were to take to the road: "The truth is I don't think it's my bag. We just have a whole different vibe together.

"It's like DAVE LOMBARDO (original Slayer drummer) getting back with Slayer. He said 'this is the way it's meant to be'. That rings true for me too."