Captain America will struggle to fit in with the modern world in 'Captain America: Winter Soldier'.

The superhero sequel will follow the 1940s super-soldier as he adjusts to life in the present day and co-director Anthony Russo is looking forward to showing how Captain America copes.

He said: ''[Captain America] is in a very different time and place. For as well as that styleworked for his World War 2 experience and the origin of Cap--part of the fun of picking a guy out of one time period and plopping him down in another is that all bets are off. The whole world is different, and that's part of the struggle of the character and the challenge the character faces.''

Although the solider - portrayed by Chris Evans - is quiet serious, Anthony wants to explore his lighter side in the new Marvel movie.

He told the Huffington Post: ''I mean, we're trying to grow him as a character, and certainly he's come a long way, from where he started in pre-World War 2 to where he is in modern-day America. So the character has room for growth because of that huge Journey that he's been on, Number one. Number two, part of the appeal of these movies is the ensemble. Captain America isn't the only character in the film, there are other characters that are perhaps lighter in nature.''