The Hollywood Hills home of late PSYCHO star Anthony Perkins has been placed on the market for just under $2.4 million (GBP1.4 million).

Perkins died from AIDS complications at the age of 60 in 1992, but his family didn't consider selling the Los Angeles property until his wife BERRY BERENSON was killed in the 11 September (01) terrorist attacks on New York's WORLD TRADE CENTER - a day shy of the ninth anniversary of the actor's death.

The simple hacienda, built in 1947, boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an elevated guesthouse, a pool and wrap-a-round decks on approximately half an acre of land.

Real estate agent RORY BARISH - who has had the property on her hands since the New Year and is a friend of Perkins and Berenson's sons ELVIS and OSGOOD - says, "I didn't know (Perkins) - he had passed away before I met (his family), but I knew Berry and the children are just divine.

"There's a great spirit from the people that lived here and it just carries on throughout the house.

"So when I walk through the house, it makes me happy... just from the times that they've told me stories about what went on here - whether people got married here or Easter egg hunts or parties, you can see all that happening when you go through all the different rooms.

"I just love the spirit of the house."

04/02/2004 09:12