Acclaimed director SHEKHAR KAPIR is to take over directing duties on the late Anthony Minghella's last project.

The ELIZABETH director will take charge of Minghella's segment of the upcoming film NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU – a series of short films dedicated to different areas of the big apple.

"I will direct the film with Anthony in my heart and in presence of his soul," Kapur has written on his website.

Minghella, whose portfolio of work includes the Oscar-winning THE ENGLISH PATIENT and Cold Mountain, died last week after having a haemorrhage during an operation to remove cancerous growth in his neck and tonsils.

Shekhar recently revealed that Anthony had requested he take the helm of his latest project before he was admitted to hospital.

The anthology project will feature 12 instalments from different directors including Brett Ratner, Natalie Portman, Fatih Akin and Scarlett Johansson – who will be making her directorial debut.

KEVIN BACON is rumoured to be starring in the film.

26/03/2008 11:00:30