Anthony Mackie is in talks to star in 'The Woman in the Window'.

The 'Captain America' actor could be set to join Amy Adams and Gary Oldman in Joe Wright's new movie, which is an adaptation of the book by A.J. Finn, Variety reports.

Adams, 43, is set to play the role of Dr. Anna Fox, who hides away in her New York home, where she drinks excessively and spends time spying on those around her.

Gary Oldman will star as the patriarch of the family that lives across the street.

The film - which also features Julianne Moore, Wyatt Russell and Brian Tyree Henry - takes a dark turn when Adams' character witnesses something she shouldn't have from her own apartment.

Tracy Letts has adapted the screenplay, while Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are producing.

Before beginning production on 'The Woman in the Window', Anthony is completing work on 'Point Blank', the Netflix remake of the 2010 French crime drama by Fred Cavaye.

The plot is closely tied to the original film, with Mackie playing a nurse whose pregnant wife is kidnapped by a murder suspect at his hospital.

A synopsis for the original film stated: ''Samuel, a nurse working at a hospital when his pregnant wife is kidnapped before his very eyes. Knocked unconscious, he comes to and discovers that a dangerous criminal named Sartet is responsible, and if he's ever to see his wife again, he must do Sartet's bidding.

''Samuel quickly finds himself pitted against rival gangsters and trigger-happy police in a deadly race to save the lives of his wife and unborn child.''

Cavaye previously opened up about his ambitions for the project, saying that he wanted to provoke an emotional response from the audience.

He said: ''I wanted to make an interactive film, make it so that the viewer runs with the protagonist, at the same time. I wanted to make an entertaining film, one that gives the viewer a maximum of emotion.''

The new movie is directed by Joe Lynch, who worked on the action/horror 'Mayhem', while Adam G. Simon has written the screenplay.