Actor Anthony Mackie is set to open a Cuban restaurant in New York.

The New Orleans, Louisiana native is in the early stages of planning the eatery in his adopted Brooklyn.

And The Hurt Locker star admits he's been having a blast coming up with menu items.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon, "I'm opening a Cuban bistro in Williamsburg... We're going to have the best mojitos outside of Cuba, we're going to take raw sugarcane, crush it down and make mojitos. We're gonna have gangster-grilled chicken with fresh mango, beans and rice."

The actor, who first ventured into the food and beverage industry in 2011 when he opened NoBar Bkny in Crown Heights, insists he's happy to have a hobby outside acting.

He adds, "You know this acting thing, man, it's a dangerous hustle, so I never know when my time (is) up, so I got to stack my chips. I might have to go back to the streets!"