SIR Anthony Hopkins is collaborating with veteran musician Dave Stewart to write music for the opening of a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The actor was shocked when the hotel owner approached him to ask the favour, and further still when he began composing and uncovered unknown talents.

He says, "He asked me if I would write music for the opening of this hotel. And I said, 'Are you kidding?' But he was serious.

"He introduced me to Dave Stewart, who has become something of a mentor.

"I spend about eight hours a day, three days a week, working on it on the computer. I love it. These extraordinary computers are pulling stuff out of me that I never knew I had."

Hopkins, whose working title for the piece is SYMPHONY EROTIQUE, describes it as "more Ravel and Debussy" and has been encouraged by Stewart's positive feedback.

He adds, "I send stuff to Dave Stewart and he says, 'Yeah, great mate!'"

The actor was also thrilled to receive an e-mail from veteran musician Bob Dylan.

He says, "Dave Stewart had obviously told Bob Dylan about this project we're doing. And I got this e-mail saying, 'Captain Dave is the greatest!' And, 'Go for it!' So I'm going for it."