The child actors who shot to fame in Oscar-winning movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE are heading back to work - they have reportedly been signed up to star in a new film with SIR Anthony Hopkins.
Rubina Ali, nine, and Azhar Ismail, 10, are to appear in Lord Owen's Lady, a new picture about a Welsh nobleman who falls in love with an Indian girl.
Producers on the film - which will be shot in Wales and India - are reportedly in negotiations with Hopkins to play Lord Owen's father, while the two children will also appear.
The news comes just days after Ismail's father died of tuberculosis in India. Executive producer Martin Pennell has offered his condolences to the youngster and hopes the tragedy won't hinder his blossoming Hollywood career.
He tells British newspaper The Sun, "It is very sad, but it was his dad's desire for him to play a part in the film."