Sir Anthony Hopkins helped co-star Rene Russo calm her nerves before a pivotal scene in new action film Thor by swearing at her.
The actress reveals the great Brit could tell she was far from confident about the scene in which she has to appear devastated after learning Hopkins' god-like character has banished her son, Thor, to earth - and he had some sage words for her.
She explains, "It was a real dramatic scene... and he could tell I was nervous, so he said, 'Come over here, sit down,' and he goes, 'A Franciscan monk once told me that the greatest prayer is F**k it! F**k it! F**k It! F**k it!'
"That's how great he is and I love him for that. So (for) the entire movie, he'd look at me before a scene and say, 'F**k it!'"