SIR Anthony Hopkins is to play movie mogul Alfred Hitchcock in a new biopic about the revered director. Hopkins insists he has been such a fan of the filmmaker's work over the years, he feels he's the right guy to portray his fellow Brit - and pay a proper tribute to him. Hopkins says, "I'm not one of those guys who went to film school and watched Hitchcock movies in order to study, but I admire people who know all about Hitchcock. "I'm a real Hitchcock fan. I know all about the movies and had a closer look at why he set that shot up in the way that he did and the skill and rhythm of his movies like Rear Window and Vertigo. "He was really quite astonishing and there's so much wit to his work. "I think those scenes between Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window are so witty and sophisticated. This film I'm going to do is about the making of Psycho and Hitchcock's doubts about himself. "He never had any real confidence and never felt that he was successful. He always felt a bit like a failure." In playing the director, Hopkins will attempt to forget a brief meeting he had with Hitchcock early in his career. He explains, "I met him once very briefly. He was sitting at a place called Ma Maison and I was sitting with my agent... He had just been knighted and he was very heavy, enormous; he looked ill. That was my one contact with him."