SIR Anthony Hopkins is suing the movie company behind two of his most beloved films for allegedly not having paid him for their latest project together. The Welsh actor starred in HOWARD'S END and The Remains of the Day for Merchant Ivory Productions. But he isn't happy with his latest Merchant Ivory venture, CITY OF YOUR FINAL DESTINATION, because he claims the firm has short-changed him and the cast and crew. Hopkins says, "You always have to make sure you get your money up front from that company because I'm still waiting to be paid and I want my money. "We're suing them because they lied, they cheated and they're crooks. I'm more amused and I'm not even angry. I'm just puzzled that they can even do that. "They have a whole crew of people down in Argentina, were we shot this film, and they're not paying them. You can't do that to people, especially in Argentina where the economy is not good. "It's a shame because I like James Ivory, the director, but it's stupid to set up movies and you don't pay the crew and you don't pay the actors."