Oscar-winner SIR Anthony Hopkins remembers filming THE BOUNTY with much fondness - because co-star Mel Gibson was going through his 'bad boy' phase.

Hopkins, who starred as LIEUTENANT WILLIAM BLIGH in the 1984 movie, recalls Gibson's drunken brawls and bad behaviour with humour, because the Welsh actor spent his youth doing exactly the same thing.

He says, "I'd mended my ways by those days, I'd got off the sauce and all that. Mel was still in it...

"He'd get into fights in the bars in Tahiti and Liam Neeson used to go out as his kind of henchman to try to calm him down and get him out of trouble.

"And Mel would come in with bruises sometimes. 'Aw, Tony' he'd say, 'Jesus Christ, I'm really hungover.'

"In those days he had his troubles, as we all do.

"But I think it's wonderful to have gone through all that."