SIR Anthony Hopkins is allegedly causing friction on the set of his new fantasy film Thor by constantly criticising his co-star Chris Hemsworth's acting abilities, according to a U.S. report.
The Oscar-winning star plays Odin, King of the Norse Gods, in the upcoming blockbuster while Aussie actor Hemsworth takes on the title role of Thor.
But the atmosphere on-set has become fraught due to Hopkins' opinion of his co-star's performance, as well as the amount of studio filming needed for the special-effects packed movie, according to the New York Daily News.
An insider tells the publication, "Anthony has not tried to hide his disapproval of Chris' acting skills. Chris is definitely the least-experienced actor on set, but he's trying. He respects Anthony a great deal, and it looks like he's trying to grin and bear all of his criticism.
"Anthony keeps complaining that they're shooting too many scenes inside the L.A. studio and not enough on location. He isn't used to this kind of work, and his pessimism is really starting to wear everyone down."