SIR Anthony Hopkins would love to follow up his latest efforts with director Roger Donaldson with a film about writer ERNEST HEMINGWAY - if American administration will let them do it.

The veteran actor, who stars as land-speed record-breaker Burt Munro in Donaldon's film The World's Fastest Indian, and the director have discussed making PAPA, based on Hemingway's life, in Communist Cuba, where the tragic American spent 20 years of his life.

Hopkins says, "He'd like to film it in Cuba. He's been to Cuba, he knows (FIDEL) CASTRO (Cuban leader), but it's the administration in Cuba that's the problem.

"Hemingway's house is there, and according to Roger, Castro said, 'You can come here and do it.'

"The American administration may not allow that, but you never know.

"But I'd love to do Hemingway. He's such a big boisterous lover of life, a complete macho man, and yet the other side to him was he was very tortured. The alcoholism beat him in the end and he committed suicide."