British movie star Anthony Hopkins directed new movie SLIPSTREAM from a wheelchair after foolishly tearing his Achilles tendon in a running scene. The Silence Of The Lambs star attempted to defy his 69 years by running barefoot down a hospital corridor and quickly learned he should have warmed up properly first. He recalls, "I was being stupid. I was doing a scene and I decided to run barefooted. I thought, 'Oh I'm only 25 years old,' and so I put on some speed and I ripped the tendon. "I was in a wheelchair for most of the movie, directing from a wheelchair. They'd wheel me on set." But Hopkins admits he was a terrible patient because he refused to stay in his wheelchair: "I was able to stand and hobble around for awhile. "When they finally got me to the hospital the doctors said, 'You tore your ankle and you're standing on it. You're crazy. You've got to stay off this foot.' "It took about three months for it to heal and I was a very bad patient because I did all the things that I wasn't supposed to do."