SIR Anthony Hopkins' estranged daughter ABIGAIL is hoping to reconcile with her famous father after five years of silence.

Abigail was just four years old when the Welsh actor divorced her actress mother Petronella Barker in 1972.

In 2002, Abigail revealed the rift with the HANNIBAL star when she claimed she had been driven to drink and drugs and contemplated suicide because of her difficult relationship with her father.

However, after starting her musical career in 2003, with the jazz album SMILE ROAD, Abigail hopes to see her dad at one of her concerts.

She says, "I live in London and he does not. I consider music to be all-inclusive and anyone is welcome to one of my shows and I'm sure at one point, he will see me perform.

"The only other person who is musical in my family apart from me is my father. He was going to be a concert pianist and he is brilliant on the piano, but then he became an actor."