Screen legend SIR Anthony Hopkins told a newspaper reporter to "f**k off" after accusations he is unpatriotic. The 69-year-old has attracted criticism from the British press for taking U.S. citizenship in 2000 and moving to Santa Monica, California while retaining his knighthood and title. And Welsh-born Hopkins, who donated GBP1 million ($2 million) to his native country's National Trust's Snowdonia Appeal, claims he was even criticised for winning an Oscar for his role in The Silence of the Lambs. He says, "They can't stop themselves, some newspaper reporters, calling and asking if I feel I have let my country down by leaving it. 'F**k off,' I told the last one. 'Why don't you go and do something for your country?' "And these pygmies talk to me of patriotism. I remember even being attacked by some newspapers when I got an Oscar! I certainly don't feel sorry for myself but I was not going to hang around (in the U.K.). That's why I keep coming back (to the U.S.)." Describing the U.S. as a 'can-do country', he adds, "It's got its problems, some big, but at least they say, 'We'll give it a go'."