SIR Anthony Hopkins' new role as mythical BEOWULF required the Oscar winner to be completely naked throughout the entire filming process.

Hopkins stars as the Scandinavian warrior in a new computer-generated animated epic and had to film many of his scenes naked in a thin wetsuit.

He explains, "It's pretty strange but I enjoyed it. You don't wear any clothes and you're covered in dots and all these little markers are all over you.

"Before each scene you stand there with your arms apart and over your head and they photograph you into the computer. You've got dots all over your eyes so they can now make the eye movements real.

"These little pearls are made of the same material as the reflection on road signs. They come off every so often so you have to have a check-up.

"They put an infra-red (beam) on you to make sure nothing is missing and you have to take them off at night and it's very sticky. I wonder why they don't just do a blue screen. It's almost like photo-realism."