American comedian Anthony Anderson has accused OSCAR-nominated actress DYAN CANNON of ignoring him on the streets of Beverly Hills, California - despite them appearing in a movie together.

Anderson and Cannon teamed up with Jerry O'connell, Christopher Walken and Estella Warren to appear in the movie, which was released earlier this year (03).

So BARBERSHOP star Anderson was especially insulted when he was snubbed by the ex-wife of late actor CARY GRANT - and now decided to take revenge by publicly attacking her.

He says, "We had just finished Kangaroo Jack in Australia. I was there for six months and Dyan was there for like three, four weeks. We were on Rodeo (Drive) and she was walking her dog and I'm like, 'Dyan! Dyan!'

"She looked over (and turned up her nose). I said, 'Dyan, but it's me - Anthony! Kangaroo Jack! We just spent six months together. What other black man's gonna scream your name on Rodeo like that?'

"So she finally gave over and said, 'Oh hi,' and kept walking her dog, so to hell with you Dyan Cannon! Don't act like you don't know me!"

17/12/2003 09:06