The Transformers star ran into the Hollywood veteran at a hotel in 2000 and, in a bid to make himself seem more interesting, he grabbed a newspaper to read in front of Jones. However, he received a peculiar look from the 84 year old and didn't know why until he walked off.

"I was in Rhode island for the premiere of Me, Myself and Irene and we happened to be staying in the same hotel and the elevators opened and out walked James Earl Jones," Anthony told U.S. late night host James Corden. "He came and sat in the seat right (next to me). I was like, 'Oh s**t, James Earl Jones'.

"I grabbed the Wall Street Times (sic) because I wanted to look important and I went and sat next to him and I opened up the paper and I just looked at him, never said a word.

"After about five minutes he just walked off and gave me this strange look, and as he walked off, I closed the paper and I realised that I had been looking at the paper upside down the entire time. So he walked off and was (probably) like, 'Oh, what an idiot'."