Ansel Elgort booked DJ gigs under a pseudonym.

The 'Fault In Our Stars' actor decided not to use his real name to land music gigs as he didn't want to ''abuse'' the fact he is an actor.

He told PEOPLE magazine: ''I really respect the dance music industry. I didn't want to come in and abuse the fact I was an actor and use my name to book gigs. I'm not getting into music because I need to - I have a bunch of movies coming out. I just do this because I love it.

''I think there's always gonna be some sort of stigma, because for whatever reason, society likes to say, 'He's an actor, so that's what he does, and he's not allowed to venture outside of that.' But I just wanted to make something I loved and put it out. I don't want the peak of my career to be when I was 19 years old and in that one movie.''

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old actor previously revealed his career as a DJ is inspired by Skrillex and Avicii.

He said: ''I heard some of the really early Avicii stuff and the really early Skrillex remixes before he had released his EP. Just like his remix of La Roux's 'Going in for the Kill'. I thought it was so cool.

''The whole thing... it's more than just writing and performing. It's engineering and producing. It's magical. It's something on your computer you can do all by yourself. It's the same thing as piano and voice, but now you have tracks that are 70 channels. With a piano, everyone's heard what a piano sounds like, but with dance music, every month there's a new track with a sound that everyone's like, 'What is that sound? How did he do it?'''