Ansel Elgort has been inspired to exfoliate by Pharrell Williams.

The 24-year-old actor has revealed he's taken to exfoliating his skin because of the age-defying complexion of the 45-year-old musician, saying Pharrell's skin ''looks amazing''.

He shared: ''Recently, I've been exfoliating, because apparently Pharrell exfoliates a lot, and he's the youngest-looking old guy I've ever seen.

''Apparently, he exfoliates every day - that's what someone told me. It could be a total urban legend, but his skin looks amazing and that's what I heard.''

Ansel was recently revealed as the new face of Ralph Lauren's latest fragrance, Polo Red Rush.

But the Hollywood star has admitted that most of his skincare products come from his girlfriend Violetta Komyshan.

He told E! News: ''That's how I got into it.''

Meanwhile, Ansel recently revealed that he also uses his girlfriend's handbags.

The 'Baby Driver' actor - who has been dating the ballerina since they were at high school - said he is happy to ''share'' his partner's accessories because he finds them useful and practical.

He shared: ''We share handbags - I wear handbags now.

''Purses are really cool, or like the ones you put over your shoulder. You can put your camera in there, your phone, your wallet. Sometimes if I'm wearing tight pants I don't want to put anything in my pocket. Or sometimes it falls out of my pocket. So we share those now.''

Ansel finds traditional ''man bags'' to be ''boring'' and he won't use them just to be fashionable.

He added: ''I don't like the fanny pack trend. If I'm not into it and it's a trend, I'm not going to wear it. And the over the shoulder thing, I've never liked this one either. I always just felt like the other kind of man bags were just boring.''