Former EURYTHMICS star Annie Lennox is using her new album as a weapon to fight off the music industry's obsession with youth.

The 48-year-old Why? singer is releasing BARE - her first album in eight years - on Tuesday (10JUN03), and she hopes it will add some age diversity to the charts.

She says, "I think that we are very obsessive with youth culture - and that's fine, but the balance perhaps needs to be redressed.

"I have something to say now - it's relevant. It isn't necessarily to 14-year-old because they may not have the depth of experience that I've gone through."

And Lennox has put her pride in her age at the forefront of her new release - by appearing on the album cover without any airbrushing.

She explains, "I felt there needed to be some dignity there which is to show the lines in my fines; to show that I don't have to hide from them."

08/06/2003 20:54