Veteran pop singer Annie Lennox has utilised the pain from her second divorce usefully - she's put it all on to her forthcoming album BARE.

The Why hitmaker's divorce from Israeli filmmaker Uri Fruchtmann left her in such pain she felt she had to record some emotional ballads.

Her longtime producer, STEPHEN LIPSON says that some of the sessions for the album were very dark.

He says, "There were moments during the sessions when she would say stuff and the air in the room would become pretty doom-laden.

"Before I started working with her, there was a long talk with her manager Simon Fuller about the idea of really getting into what she was trying to say, as opposed to dragging her into a more positive thing.

"It wasn't up to us, it was up to her and my thing was that it's not something to fight, it's something to embrace."

Annie adds, "It's not about what someone did to me. It's more about my debate with myself about pretty basic issues."

23/04/2003 17:22