Annie Lennox and Jennifer Lopez have both taken out full page ads in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter to congratulate Simon Fuller on his upcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame honour.
The British music mogul will unveil his star on Monday (23May11).
The trade paper also features tributes to the man behind American Idol and the Spice Girls from Prince Charles, former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Lisa Marie Presley, Lennox and Victoria and David Beckham.
Prince Charles calls Fuller "a great entrepreneur who is a genius of creativity and marketing," adding, "He has helped me stage several fundraising events, and I can only say that his support and expertise have always been utterly invaluable."
Presley calls him "a man of little talk and of serious action," adding, "He has helped me change my life for the better."
And a statement from the Beckhams reads, "He is an incredible visionary, building entertainment and fashion brands."