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“WORLD AIDS DAY” © by Kal EliasDo you remember the 80’s? Going out clubbing, dancing, laughing and listening to the music of Madness and Status Quo Meeting people and making friends and hanging out with people you didn’t really know Living and loving, not just life but each other When one night stands weren’t seen as a bother.Do you remember the 80’s? “Let’s go back to my place” Just a quickie encounter, they didn’t always play safe Staying with the trend, or sometimes pressured into drug taking Little did they know what mistakes they’d be making.Do you remember the 80’s? And a shock news review “HIV & AIDS are here and the victim could be you” There is no cure this virus is fatal It can infect anyone, even the ante-natal.Remember the 80’s? When rumours where rife If you’re a man, with a man, it’s the end of your life Panic and fear ran through everyone’s mind Thinking back, had they slept with the kind Of person who said “Don’t worry I’ve only slept with you” Ashamed to admit he’d already slept with two Who unknowingly to him had shared needles with four Who failed to admit that they’d slept with lots moreAnd so this new virus was taking its toll News flashes exploded “It’s out of control” So the Government decided it must advertise That this deadly virus was on the rise TV programmes aired “Listen to what’s being said” Use precautions or you’ll be dead And leaflets were delivered to every household Stating clearly “Now you’ve been told”But that was the 80’s, not this new generation Isn’t it time that we gave them an explanation Of the advice and the facts that we’ve learned through the years To take away the stigma and some of the fears Prevention, treatment, support and care They need to know it’s all out there That this virus isn’t related to just one type Years ago it was all just hype But we’ve studied and gained knowledge the whole world through And you, the people in power know what you should do Get out there in the community, youth clubs and schools Advise that this virus has no rules But it can be controlled to a certain extent But we must make it clear and be hell bent On getting the message out there to everyone Before more of this tragically, uninformed generation are gone.It’s a beautiful world out there that we all should embrace A world with so much to offer no matter what your race Encompass it and hold it and take it as your own For life is too short as some of us have knownA short poem simply called “If Only”“If Only” © If only I’d have looked into his eyes I’d have seen the pain upon his face If only I’d have listened more, I know for sure He could have found some solace If only I’d have dared to hold his hand I’d have felt the trembling of fear If only I’d have had more understanding That I could have held him near If only I’d have been made more aware It was ok to let his lips touch mine I could have given him comfort Before he ran out of timeBut I didn’t have that knowledge! Nobody told me!If only she’d have known there were people That she could go to see To talk it through, who would understand And accept what she’d turned out to be Somebody who wouldn’t condemn The reason she was there But introduce her to others With whom her problems she could share Somebody to council her And help relieve her strife To tell her about the treatments out there That could have prolonged her lifeBut she didn’t have that knowledge! Nobody told her!If only they’d have listened To help them understand That HIV is spreading fast And on a scale so grand If only they had realised It can happen to anyone Your mother, your father, sister, brother Your new born baby son If only they’d have learned the facts And kept the stigma away That prevention, treatment, support and care Can keep this virus at bayBut they didn’t have that knowledge! Nobody told them!Our generation has a human right To know what’s going on With a universal access On all that can be done Don’t just talk amongst yourselves Get out and spread the word Shout it clear from far and wide And let your voices be heard No time to pause, let’s fight this cause And keep the promise true Do everything you possibly can That said, it’s now down to youYou have that knowledge! Tell them!Hope you like it and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience Kal Elias Mob: 07930104711

Posted 5 years 9 months ago by kalledance

kalledance's picture

This song was played at my best friends funeral, what a beautiful song it was perfect for her. Now when I listen to it I smile mostly, but sometimes tears. What a wonderful voice Annie has.

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by JULIA JEFFRIES


When I was 17 years old i was start to listen your songs I am 38 years old and i am still loves all your songs.All of your concerts amazing..big vocal big sounds..I love so much all your performance..I hope I can find a ticket for your show one day...I hope you can came to Istanbul for to concer.Please look my website..www.gulayalpay.comI am a painter. I will be in NY for my solo exhibit in December 2005 I wish you came my opening reception...Thats my big dreams...All my best see you soon...Gulay ALpay

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by Gulay ALpay

Gulay ALpay's picture

Hiya, I am 19 and I LOVE YOU!!! You inspire me to sing (I am not very good mind) But still, my whole family are big fans!! My mum my dad My younger sister who is 16, and Myself! I have just spent the last half an hour trying to find tickets for your tour, only to find you are not doing one. Please please reconsider!!We love you Annie!!

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by kaos

kaos's picture

Annie, after your performance on Parkinson you must tour, you were amazing, that is the sound of the 80s for me and i would love to see you tour must, you cant put that sound to bed, it has more to give and i think that version of 'there must be an angel' was watched it 5 times already, i go cold when you sing & Steve, Cornish Hall End, Braintree....p.s. did i say WOW....

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by peter willett

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