Photographer Annie Leibovitz has given up nude picture-taking and joined forces with corporate giants Walt Disney to try and relive her childhood. Leibovitz is most famous for music magazine, Rolling Stone's iconic front cover of a naked John Lennon wrapped around wife Yoko Ono. The 56-year-old also recently took pictures of a naked Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson for an eye-popping Vanity Fair cover shoot. But now the photographer will work with Disney on the 'Where Dreams Come True' campaign, advertising resorts in a bid to recapture fond childhood memories. Leibovitz tells, "I was an air force child and spent my childhood going from base to base. "One year we had to move from Alaska to Texas and I remember forcing my dad to take us via Disney World. "It's one off my favourite childhood memories. So, after all these years, to work for Disney is wonderful"