Actress Anne Heche has filed a request to change child custody arrangements between herself and estranged husband COLEY LAFFOON. At present, the former Ally MCBeal star must give her ex two weeks' notice when she plans to spend time with their five-year-old son, Homer. But Heche wants to change that, and instead be required to give a fortnight's notice if she doesn't plan to see the child, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (15Aug07). She contends, "Occasionally I have breaks in my work schedule that would permit me to travel to Los Angeles for up to four days. I request an order that when one of these breaks occurs, I may spend the time with Homer in Los Angeles on seven days advance notice to Coley. I never have more than seven days advance notice of such breaks and therefore cannot give more notice." Heche is currently shooting the second season of U.S. TV series Men In Trees in Vancouver, Canada. During Wednesday's hearing, Laffoon agreed to move out of the Los Angeles home the couple once shared by 2 September (07). Heche has been granted joint legal custody of her son and will spend every other weekend with Homer when she's in Los Angeles, where the youngster attends school. Heche was also ordered to pay $15,000 (GBP7,500)-a-month in child and spousal support - and pay for 90 per cent of the cost of Homer's private-school tuition, medical bills and extracurricular activities.