Actress Anne Heche celebrates the fact her husband is a stay-at-home dad because she would be a hopeless housewife. The former Ally Mcbeal star and husband COLEY LAFFOON restructured their lives when their baby son HOMER was born, and she's proud of her man's commitment to getting things done around the home. She says, "I think sometimes people don't really acknowledge what they're best at in a marriage. "I don't know if I would have been best at staying home and making sure that the house ran smoothly and making sure Homer got to school on time every day. "That's not how my brain works but I'm pretty good at going out and getting a paycheque and my husband used to be a camp counsellor, so he was really great at packing kids up, getting them ready to do, making sure that life ran smoothly. "We just kinda looked at our relationship and said, 'What are we best at?' It seems to work really well when you acknowledge that truthfully. It's worked out well for us and we get to be together."