LATEST: Anne Heche is fighting to terminate an agreement to award spousal support to estranged husband COLEY LAFFOON after the cameraman questioned the actress' mothering skills. In court papers filed last week (18May07), Heche asked for legal custody of the couple's five-year-old son Homer and wants to terminate the court's jurisdiction to award her ex a pay-out. In the documents, Heche declares, "In his papers, filed with the court, Coley makes numerous false allegations about his own parenting skills and fitness as well as about mine. "It is unfortunate that Coley chose to put his lies and distortions in the public record at this time while we are trying to reach an agreement on many of the issues. "I am surprised and disappointed that Coley is stooping to this level. My hope was (and is) that our son Homer will come through this with what is best for him - two parents who love him and who treat each other with respect." In the newly-filed papers, Heche also claims her estranged hubby watches porn, plays poker, and visits strippers instead of spending time with their son. Laffoon filed papers last week (ends18May07) asking his estranged wife for $33,000 (GBP16,500)-a-month in spousal support.