Anne Heche's estranged husband COLEY LAFFOON has accused the actress of resorting to lies to win custody of their five year old son Homer. Laffoon filed papers yesterday (07Jan07) at Los Angeles Superior Court which refuted Heche's claims she had a close relationship with her son - calling her statements "replete with blatant falsehoods." Court papers claim, "(Heche's) credibility should also be called into question as a result of her mental instability which was highly publicized in her (2001) autobiography entitled Call Me Crazy." Heche had accused Laffoon of frequenting strip clubs, playing poker and ping-pong and watching online porn while they were together. However, he hits back in the documents, claiming " (Heche is) desperately trying to throw mud against the wall hoping that something will divert the eyes of the Court away from the true facts of this case. "The truth is that Heche loves to play poker, too," adding, "I have never been preoccupied with sexually graphic material...(Heche) and I occasionally watched porn when we were together." He also claimed the last time he went to a strip club was with Heche and her Men In Trees co-star James Tupper and his wife. The filing also states, "I did not know at that time that (Heche) was having an affair with James, nor did James' wife." Laffoon filed for divorce in February (07) after Heche's romance with Tupper hit the headlines.