Anne Hathaway was wracked with nerves ahead of her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live - because she was worried viewers would misinterpret her spoofs of Katie Holmes and princess-to-be Kate Middleton.
The Hollywood actress posed as Prince William's new fiancee, opposite Andy Samberg as William, during a raucous sketch on Saturday's (20Nov10) episode of the hit U.S. comedy show.
Later in the programme, she went on to portray fellow actress Katie Holmes, impersonating the Batman Begins star as she was questioned about her eventful life.
Hathaway admits she was wary of impersonating two big stars, and was delighted the sketches were well received.
She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "(It was) the first time, I'd never done anything like that, and so there wasn't the pressure of expectation. So, I was a little more nervous going into it, with 'Would they like it or wouldn't they?' But people seem really happy with the results. So I'm thrilled."
And Hathaway admits her impersonation of Holmes was actually based on the actress' Dawson's Creek character, Joey Potter - because she was a huge follower of the show.
She adds, "I was a teenager when Dawson's Creek was airing, and I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that. It wasn't really Katie Holmes; it was more Joey Potter."