Hollywood star Anne Hathaway is teaching herself how to play the guitar using video tutorials online - so she can serenade her boyfriend, actor ADAM SHULMAN.
The Devil Wears Prada actress learned to play The Beatles' 1968 song Blackbird as a special birthday present for her new love, who turned 28 on 2 April (09).
She says, "For my boyfriend's birthday I learned how to play a song for him. I'd never heard the song before and he played it for me. It's the Beatles song Blackbird. And so I studied it for a while and then I learned how to play it."
And Hathaway, 26, showed off her limited guitar skills on U.S TV on Monday (01Jun09) when she was challenged by comedian/presenter Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night programme to play something for the audience.
She added, "I know how to play two songs, Blackbird and this other song. I learned this off the internet, literally learned from YouTube lessons - how to play guitar. I am almost done with the first one! So I learned this song, I got the chords online but I'm not very good at it."