SIX FEET UNDER star FREDDIE RODRIGUEZ is nominating his new onscreen lover Anne Hathaway for an OSCAR after she went all out in their gritty sex scenes in new movie HAVOC.

The actor admits he was baffled by Hathaway's casting after watching her in good girl roles like The Princess Diaries and ELLA ENCHANTED - because she has to play a sexed-up teenage drug taker in the new film.

Rodriguez says, "We have a big love scene, and she's almost nude. A lot of people are going to be really surprised because they've never seen her in a role like this.

"But she has the chops to pull it off, and she does. She and her friend imitate urban culture, dress hip-hop, talk street... the whole nine yards. They like to party and do a lot of drugs and drinking."

07/07/2004 20:51